The team behind Gravity

The Gravity holds are 100% produced in Belgium. Gravity is therefore 100% Belgian


The team that imagines your holds and gives them their beautiful shapes

Raphaël Kergen

Manager and first shaper – first blind shaper with one arm … ;-D

Manu Lépinois

National route setter in constant contact with competitors. A requirement of excellence. Always psyched …

Geoffray Tombeur

1 weekend out of 3 in Fontainebleau. 7 days a week at BeBloc. Calm and serenity with great shaping …


They ensure the production and the quality of your holds.

Florent Van Damme

Meticulous and polite, Florent has learned to be … poly-ester …



Thanks to them, you can climb on Gravity holds in the climbing gyms.

Julie Spies

Co-manager, Julie will make the buzz and distribute Gravity to infinity … and beyond …



They constantly innovate for always cutting-edge technology.

Richard Kergen

Civil engineer, he is Professor Calculus in his soul, …