Gravity was created in 2018 by Raphaël Kergen and the BeBloc team.
With many years of experience with his own climbing holds brand of "Hold Up" and as a distributor of other brands, Raphael has a good knowledge of the market of climbing holds. Following a serious accident in 2015, Raphael had to stop shaping and changed his practices. While "Hold Up" was more intended for schools with basic shapes, Gravity Holds, on the other side, is an occasion to renew the old processes in making climbing holds. Thanks to the belgium's biggest climbing gym (BeBloc), Raphaël has a wonderful laboratory to experiment with different techniques.

Gravity Holds wants to stand out by offering a specific type of holds.

More than 80 macros

The "macro" holds have a minimum of 50 cm in diameter.

100% Belgian product

From design to manufacturing, everything is done in Belgium.